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Anyone residing in the US more than six months of the year must have a Visa or a temporary or permanent resident card: the Green Card. The Visa is renewable, while the Green Card becomes permanent. Once a permanent resident, the application for US citizenship is possible.

There are several options for obtaining Visa as being sponsored by a local employer who can prove to the US government that your talents are unrivaled by a US worker. This is very rare, so most cases focus on buying a business (or just a bottom), which generates a certain income to support your family in the area. The government does not mention a minimum amount but requires a “substantial investment” to qualify for the renewable E2 Visa.

This visa does not lead to the Permanent Resident Card, but the legislation may change shortly.

Other Visas are available and the Global Axellence team is ready to consult your situation for personal analysis. See the complete list of Visas and their description below.

Consult this page to see the available businesses of all types, all industries, all budgets.

From the official website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the Green Card Lottery is available every year.

Set up by an act of the US Congress, the lottery program granting diversity immigrant visas is annually piloted and put into action by the State Department. This program finds its legal basis in Article 203 (c) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) which states that there is a category of diversity visas for countries with historically low immigration rate to the United States.

The visas available during the fiscal year are distributed among six geographical regions. No country in these regions can receive more than 7% of the total amount of diversity visas available per year.

For fiscal year 2018, 50,000 Diversity Visas will be available. Participation in the program does not require any registration fees. Attentions to organizations or law firms that charge a fee for setting up the free file. You will find below the direct link to make the request yourself, free of charge.

Applicants who will be drawn during the Lottery program (the selected ones) must meet simple but strict qualification criteria to be eligible for the diversity visa. Diversity applicants are chosen in a computer-generated random draw.

The Lottery is open in October 2016 for a draw in 2017, and a visit to the territory in 2018. Do not wait …

Get ready and good luck to the applicants!



Any foreigner wishing to invest, work, do an internship or live in the United States must have a valid visa.

An approved Immigration Lawyer will help you to define the most suitable visa for your situation, taking into account the purpose of your trip, your academic training and your professional experience. Global Axellence can of course recommend you to qualified professionals.


Visa A-1: ​​Visa for Foreign Heads of State or Government: Ambassadors, Ministers, Diplomats, Consular Officers and their immediate family members.
Visa A-2: Visa for other foreign government officials, their employees and their dependent family members.
Visa A-3: Visa for Employees of Official and Diplomatic Visa Holders and Related Dependent Family Members.

Visa B-1: Visa for business travel and for domestic staff.
Visa B-2: Visa for tourist or medical travel.


C-1 Visa: Passenger Visa in Transit.
Visa C-1 / D: Visas for crew members in transit.
C-2 Visa: Visa for Individuals in transit within United Nations Allied Headquarters in accordance with Sec. 11. (3), (4), or (5) of the Allied Headquarters Agreement.
C-3 Visa: Visa for Senior Officials, employees, and dependent family members in transit.
C-4 Visa: Visa provided for passengers in transit under the ATP program (formerly TWOV).

Visa D-1: Visa for Crew Members leaving the United States with the same boat.
Visa D-2: Visa for Crew Members leaving the United States by other means than with the arrival boat.

Visa E-1: Commercial Exchange Agreement, Spouse and Children Under 21 (21).
E2 Visa: Investors, spouse and children under twenty-one (21) years old
E-2 Visa: Employees of Investors, Spouses and Children

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